Reason 23: Easy Days

As much as I enjoy cramming my schedule until it explodes, Thursday always comes at the perfect time.

Sleep til 8:30
Clinical Class at 10:00
Physics at 12:30
Anatomy at 4:00
Medical Issues Lecture Series at 7:10

To a normal person this schedule seems awful.  But when I don't have to go to UVU I can get a LOT more homework done.  So all those big breaks are actually greatly appreciated.

Today I also went to the groundbreaking for the track at UVU.  That was pretty cool.  It was really awesome to see that a generous donor could fund a NCAA D-I track almost entirely on his own.   And he really made a big difference to the university by doing so. I thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony.  And then I proceeded to curl up on the couch and watch tv instead of braving the wind to get to my anatomy lecture.  That made an easy day even better :)


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