Reason 26: Andrew

I have the two coolest brothers on the entire planet.  Seriously- they are the best.  Today I will recognize Andrew since I was privileged enough to hang out with him this weekend.

Interesting Facts About Andrew
1. He is Junior Class President
2. He is head Technical Director at DHHS
3. He is a Science Olympiad Team Member
4. He is an AMAZING Actor (The Music Man, High School Musical, Bye Bye Birdie, Our Town, Wizard of Oz, Once on this Island, among countless others.)
5. Freakishly smart- lots of AP classes, AP Calculus as a junior
6. Musical- he played in the band, loves Broadway musicals, and can plunk out any tune on the piano.
7. Friendly- People like this kid.  Seriously.  It's pretty cool.
8. Spiritual- He reads his scriptures everyday, is an honorable priesthood holder, and chooses church over the Packers when they are on at the same time.
9.  He is a great brother.  Hannah, Aaron, and I love him to death.  
10. He can eat his weight in food.  Doubled.
11. He is passionate about theater.  That is SO cool.
12. He knows everything about Disney.  Seriously- challenge him.  He will destroy you.
13. He loves to play pranks.  Like that one day my senior year of high school when I thought my car was stolen but he had really just convinced a seminary teacher to move it to the baseball field.
14.  He is a tease.  He loves to tease everyone.  I'm a little afraid about what he'll be wearing at my wedding.
15.  He has a huge heart.  I've never met anyone who could love so deeply.
16. He doesn't ever let his Cerebral Palsy hold him back.
17. He has the best smile.
18.  He has these big, beautiful, brown, puppy dog eyes that coerce you into anything.
19. He can't spell to save his life.
20.  Throw that kid in a buffet and he could last all day, eating nonstop. 
21.  This weekend at Olive Garden he ate 4 stuffed mushrooms, a salad, 2 breadsticks, 2 Dr. Peppers, Parmesan crusted tilapia, Vegetables, Angel Hair Pasta, and Chocolate fudge-filled torte with strawberries.  And he probably could've eaten more.
22. Disneyworld is his second home.
23.  He loves everything about Tower of Terror- Except for maybe the actual ride.
24.  He makes people cry when he speaks in church or other places.  And he thinks it's funny.
25.  He is terrible at hide-and-seek.  He can't stop laughing long enough.
26.  He once ran the 200 meter race at a track meet.
27.  He's been featured in many news stories- Television and print
28.  He is a history buff and would be an awesome history teacher.
29.  I think he's colorblind because his clothes never match unless my mom or I correct him.
30.  He loves life- truly and genuinely loves life.  More so than any person I've ever met.
"Oklahoma!" 2008

Disneyworld 2008

Green Bay 2006

Junior Prom 2009

Hannah's Baptism 2009

Disneyland 2009

Science Olympiad 2010
(If you take a self-portrait, it'll end up on my blog)

I love this kid.  Andrew is a top reason that life is good :) Love you, bro.


Katie said...

Hey! So this is kind of random...because we haven't really talked more than once or twice, but that's okay. We were in the same ward last year, But I came across your blog, and I am absolutely in love with it! I just read your past posts, and I'm so excited for you. Weddings are so fun :) I hope you don't mind if I read your blog!

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