Reason 8: Hannah

Having made multiple posts today to catch up from my near internet-less weekend, I considered the whole three days and what stood out the most.  And my sister is definately one of those things.  Hannah is 11 years younger than me.  That's kind of a bummer because I moved out when she was still so young. But we always have a stellar time together and this weekend was awesome!

Friday: Hannah came wedding dress shopping with me and was an AMAZING photographer!  She made sure I had pictures of every element of all the dresses.  She also tried on some veils and high heels which was really fun.  After shopping, we went to my fiancé's house and ate a yummy cookie and ice cream desserts and played some games.

Saturday: Hannah was back at Bridal Elegance, pointing out to my grandpa why she did and did not like every dress.  She waited anxiously for me to get done at the temple and accompanied me, my mom, and my friends BACK to Bridal Elegance for the third and final time.  I ended up getting her second favorite dress- I think her first favorite was more of her personality instead of mine.  It was a ball gown cut with a large, full skirt, long train, and a lot of crystal beading.   She can pick that one up in about 15 years :).  Luckily, she approved of the dress I picked out.  I honestly don't think I would've gotten it if she didn't like it.  Pretty powerful 8 year old!  She then went shopping with us, helped decorate for Danae's reception, ran errands with me, hung out with me at the reception, helped decorate Danae and Nate's car, and even helped clean up.  Woah.

Sunday: We took it easy today.  We got on the computer with Aaron and looked up Disney songs to listen to and sing with.  That was pretty fun :)

I love this little girl with all my heart.  God blessed me with a beautiful sister and I am so grateful each and every day for her.  She's an incredible athlete, dancer, and singer.  She is always happy and LOVES making others happy.  I love her pictures she draws for me, the hot pads she's made,  posters... I love it all.  So for you Hannah- YOU are one of my top reasons that life is amazing!

"A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost."  -Marion C. Garretty


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