Reason 37: Surprises!

Today at approximately 3:15 pm I was minding my own business, just eating a no-bake cookie, when there was a knock on the door.

I quickly made some sort of eye-rolling comment about how our Sunday visitors are ENDLESS. 

Then the door opened and it was Jake!  I was in shock.  I am pretty sure my jaw literally dropped.  That was the very best thing that could've knocked on the door!  I spent the next few minutes in a surprised, dream-like stupor.  His mere presence gave me the peace to know that I would successfully conquer this finals week as I have all others.  After he arrived, we went with Hanna, Joe Joe, and Jocelyn up to a park in Provo Canyon to enjoy the tolerable weather while we studied.  Then to Jay and Britt's for the rest of the night for some yummy food.  The next two days should pretty much rock as well...

Monday: Class, finish our Wedding Registry, UVU, mountain biking, jeans shopping, clinical final, and experiment on the kind of frosting we want on our lemon poppy seed wedding cake (some of it will also be chocolate).  

Tuesday: Test, wedding stuff, chiropractor (the right side of my pelvis is posteriorly rotated and they are going to hopefully realign in), UVU, maybe class (haha), and the Athletic Training banquet!  

Suddenly these next two days turned into fantastic beings of my existence.  I love planning a wedding.  I love mountain biking.  I love working on the wedding registry.  I love Athletic Training.  I love Jake.  And I LOVE surprises!  

On a side note- Happy Birthday, Maren!  May your 20th year of existence bring you untold joy and laughter.  


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