Reason 34: Achievements!

Hannah got 3rd place in the science fair today!  She built a model of the arm with Bendaroos, taking special care to construct the biceps brachii.  She used a hair elastic to demonstrate what a muscle contraction does and how it flexes the forearm.  This little girl is seriously brilliant.  I was teaching her about the arms and some basic terms and she was writing it all down in her notebook.  She made the arm totally by herself, as well as her board.  My mom said her presentation was absolutely stellar.  She spent all week learning about the muscles and how they work and ROCKED IT!  I am so proud of her :)
Also, Aaron got 1st place in the science fair!  With him, we used a great idea from my roommate Maren to extract DNA from different fruits.  He had just learned about DNA in his class, so he totally understood what we were trying to find.  We used strawberries, tomatoes, and grapes and observed the DNA.  It was a really cool idea and very original- hence he won!  Aaron is a smart dude- he is one of those quiet, brilliant types.  He gets to compete at District later this month!
Congrats to my two favorite elementary school kids in the whole world :).  Your scientific abilities make me proud.   Your next task- cure burnout.  Love you guys!


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