Reason 45: St. George

April 20, 2010- Tuesday

I am going to begin including dates so I know when I get behind.  Like right now.  I have had the most insane, fast-paced week.  But over today and tomorrow I hope to catch up because lots of great things have happened :-)

So what about April 20?  It was a warm day in Provo.  I was unnaturally giddy as I attempted to study for my Rehabilitation of Orthopaedic Injuries final.  I did more packing than studying because I knew it would greatly benefit me later to be mostly packed.  FINALLY, 2:30 pm came and I was able to go take my final.  Everyone was excited- it took us all awhile to calm down enough to take the test.  I have never seen a group of people complete a 77 question test so fast before.  I was problem the 10th person done (out of 21) and it only took me 45 minutes.  Such is life.  Soon enough, Maren and I were on the rode to our favorite city in the world.  And so the wedding planning took off and has not stopped since. This includes engagement pictures, a bridal shower, visits to the reception site, choosing tuxes, flowers, searching the dollar store and Walmart for reception elements, visiting the scrapbook store, and organizing EVERYTHING.

Life is so good :)


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