Reason 47: Engagement Pictures!

Thursday, April 22, 2010.

Taking engagement pictures was so, so, so much fun.  We went down to Las Vegas and met up with Jason's uncle who is a photographer down there.  It was epic.  We drove out in the Las Vegas desert, did some urban shots on the side of the road, and went downtown to Fremont.  We haven't gotten all the pictures yet, but here are a couple that he posted on Facebook.  Love. Them.

Epic.  It was raining on and off that day so we had some SWEET clouds.
We look good as silhouettes :-)

So cool, huh?  My calves were burning by this point.

Here is a little creative artistic-ness for you.  Very awesome.
I love this- like we don't know he is there taking a picture.

In a tube.
On the side of the road. 
In the pouring rain.  

I love this picture.

Oh yes.  The broken down motor home that smelled like weed.
It took convincing to get me in there but here we are.  
We should label this picture
"Our First Home!"

Fremont Boulevard- Las Vegas Nevada.  
Pretty sweet angle.  
The cowboy can be in honor of Toy Story 3 coming to theaters on June 18! 
(That's the day before our wedding.  Party?  Heck. Yes.)

The Look.  Priceless.  Honest.  Haha.

Haha.  I had a hard time holding still.  I think I have ADHD.

I love this picture SO MUCH.

We were trying to mountain bike up this hill but it's hard to start going uphill with no speed!

I will post more pictures when I get them, but here are some of them!  So cool, huh?  We didn't want typical engagement pictures- how often do you get cool shots like this?  We love them.  Thanks Spencer!  You are extremely talented.  Oh yeah- and thanks for putting up with my extreme fidgeting and weird faces.  At least Jason kept the same smile for all 613 pictures!


Photo Crazy! said...

So fun! What great shots. Send me a link when you get it so I can get going on your book. Jennie

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