Reason 43: Touch Football

Today me and my roommates and our friend Skyler went to Timpanogos Park in Provo Canyon.  Our point was to study, sleep, and enjoy the sun.  As were were laying there, a boy who was probably ten years old came over and started talking to us.  His frisbee was stuck in the tree.  Being the excuse-to-not-study-searching-students that we are, we quickly devised a plan to get his frisbee down.  And we then continued to devise plans B, C, D, E, F, and G due to the logistical problems from this endeavor.
This is plan "A" which included Maren trying to lift Kaden high enough to reach the frisbee, Skyler acting as an observer, and the dog freaking out.
In exhibit "B" we have me and Skyler acting as footholds for Jocelyn while Maren spots and Hanna photographs.  And our new little friend Kaden looks excitedly on while his dumb dog legitimately tried to kill us by wrapping around our ankles with his leash.

Plan "G" was finally successful when a random, tree-climbing fellow came and climbed this sketchy tree.  As soon as Kaden had his frisbee he wanted to play touch football.  WHAT?!  But we did.  Team Skyler, Joccels, and Kaden vs. Hanna, Maren, and Sam.  And little Kaden trashed us all with his quick cutting skills. Our old age (and bare feet and cut off shorts) was just too much to pull it out.  
This was a cute picture of Hanna so here it is posted.  Hanna- this shout out is for you.  "Hey girl-HOLLA!  Ah-ha."  Bahaha.  Oh man.  I am going to miss my rommmates an awful lot.  College is too good to me.
And I thought this picture was funny.  She was freaking out.  Kind of like she is about her birthday surprise this week!  

Adventures are good.  Trips up Provo Canyon to "study" are good.  Roommates are good.  Love is good.  Touch football is good.  And life is good.


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