Reason 28: Music. Michael Buble, specifically.

Oh my goodness gracious.  That Michael Buble concert was off the handle.  Today my voice is gone and my right ear is sore (that was the ear facing the stage the most).  But it was so incredible. Best performance of anything I have ever seen.  Yeah.  It was amazing.

Me and Kels in our matching Buble Live! shirts :)

Highlights include:
1. Opening Act- Naturally 7.  They were a capella group that did all the intstruments with their voices.
2. Michael Bubles opening song.  "Cry Me A River." POWERFUL.  They had the jazz combo and him behind a white curtain, flashing colored lights with the notes, showing their shadows really big.  Oh my powerful.  
3. Michael Buble had the cutest personality.  He danced to all of his songs, was really sincere, talked to everyone, pointed out people and talked to them....sigh.  So amazing.
4. The song "Home."  He did it with only a guitar accompanying him.  And to cap it off they showed a picture of the Salt Lake Temple on the last line of the song.  Ironic, huh?  "I'm coming back home.."
5.  "Georgia on My Mind."  I told you I loved that song and I loved it even more live.
6. He was better live than he is recorded.  That is SO rare.  It was amazing.
7. He sang old and new songs.  "And I can't believe that I'm your man, and I get to kiss you baby just because I can!"  Songs like that :)
8.  He sang songs we've never heard.  Like "Best of Me."  Did you know that  10,000 people can be extremely quiet when they are touched by a song?  
9. He was interactive. He walked out into the middle of the audience, they sat up a small platform, and he sang in the middle of his admiring fans (fans of ALL ages, might I add).
10. "I Just Haven't Met You Yet" -- oh my gosh.  That was so much fun.  Everyone was standing, dancing, singing, cheering.  It was one of those "time of your life" moments!
11.  TRIPLE ENCORE.  So after "Haven't Met You Yet" he exited the stage.  We cheered and screamed and begged for more.  And we got it.  He sang "Feeling Good" then segued into "Mr. and Mrs. Jones"  
12. Then to our extreme excitement he decided to sing "Song for You."  He began with minimal background music.  His trumpet player (who was absolutely incredible) appeared in the middle of the audience for a solo.  By the time we looked up, a billowing white curtain and a single spotlight was on Michael Buble.  He STEPPED AWAY from the microphone and sang, with copious amounts of passion, "We were alone and I was singing this song for you."  You thought you were alone with him.  We were all holding our breath.  I got chills.  It was incredible.

Me :) Hooray concerts!

Michael Buble!

He was standing right under us!  

Reason 28 that life is good:
Good music.
Good friends.
Michael Buble.
And my amazing mother who got me the tickets.  
It was such a good night :)


Maren said...

Off the handle? Hahahaha, I love you Sam. :)

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