Reason 39: Mount Timpanogos

Random, I know.

 Mt. Timpanogos from BYU

Here is my daily view of Mount Timpanogos (Photo compliments of Dana Jensen/Google Earth)

Tuesday was a rainy day and I found myself paying close attention to Mount Timpanogos.  I think I commented to Jason every hour or so how beautiful it looked.  Sometimes it is COMPLETELY white, other times the white snow contrasts the deep blue sky, and other times there are rain clouds covering all or part of the mountain.  

I think I love this mountain.  It does not fail to take my breath away every single day.  It is my own personal weather channel and a source of inspiration and admiration for this beautiful earth that God created for us. 

Slow down, look around.  It took me nearly two years to realize how attached I am to this mountain.


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