Reason 30: Aaron

To round out my family, this post is for Aaron.

This weekend we had a grand time together.  Jason had to work almost all day Saturday, but it was fine because I got to be with my family.  It was a great weekend.  We dyed Easter eggs on Saturday night which really brings out my creative side (haha).  Aaron is a simple guy-plopping the eggs into the cups, letting them sit, pulling them out, and calling them good.  Hannah and I, on the other hand, had to have designer eggs.  Tie dye, sparkle, multicolor- we tried it all.  Aaron is too practical for that, though.

We woke up Easter morning and Aaron spent the first couple of hours trying to steal my Reese's.  That was SO not going to happen.  He was dying to watch Godzilla, but thankfully he got Sherlock Holmes for Easter so we watched that instead.  He was kind enough to wait for me to shower before beginning the movie.  He is an extremely sweet kid.

Also today we worked on his science fair project- extracting DNA from various fruits.  This idea came from my brilliant roommate, Maren.  You can check out her blog and how to do this at this link.  Aaron was fascinated by this process, but also extremely grossed out.  The best DNA actually came from some tomatoes (his favorite).  We had a lot of fun doing this little experiment- he is an extremely smart kid.  And extremely funny.  He walks around with a cane and wearing old man slippers. I am pretty convinced he is an 80 year old man living in an 11 year olds body.   But I love him so much.  So Aaron- if you happen to read this (which you probably won't, haha)- You rock.  Only 75 days until my bedroom is yours for keep!
One of my favorite pictures EVER of Aaron.  This was 4 years ago.

"Smile Aaron!" And this is what I got... little bugger..

He ate a lemon with salt on it.  

BYU Football Game 2009. 

Aaron is so awesome.  He is a reason that life is good :)

"After a girl is grown, her little brothers - now her protectors - seem like big brothers." 
 ~Astrid Alauda


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