Reason 44: Wish Balloons

Today me and my roommates did the coolest thing.

We wrote our wishes on balloons and released them in a ceremonial/tribal roommate bonding experience.

Thanks to Valerie for the idea- this was really fun.  We also ate dinner at the diner across the street that we always wanted to try but never did.  I just really can't believe this is the last night we are all together.  It amazes me how fast time goes.  Once again, I find myself slightly melancholy at the realization that sophomore year is over- and with it ends my awesome year with my roommates.  Sigh.  Even when we acknowledge the speediness at which life moves, it still continues to roll forth at a surprising pace.  And, as always, you can never get the moment back- you can only create new ones.

On a lighter note- here are some pictures from our adventure :)

Joe, Hanna, Maren, Jocelyn, and Skyler.  My balloon is the pink one.

Me and Maren.  It'll be weird to not live with her anymore.
I can't believe all the crazy stuff we've done together from sixth grade until now.
True friendship really does last.  

Our wish balloons rising into the sky :)

Watching the balloons

Brownstone #4.  We are so cute :)

One more final.  Drive home.  Incredible week planned.  Life is good, eh?  

And in case you were wondering, oh loyal and large fan base, I will tell you my wish.  

"To Live Happily Ever After...."

And guess what?   Two months from today I am sealed to my best friend and the greatest man in the world.  Gosh, life is good.


Maren said...

*Ahhhhhh* Love you Sam. :)

Val said...

Love, love, love this post. I hope your wish comes true, dear. Oh, and Sam? You're blog called. It wants to be updated.

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