Reason 32: Burgers, Bridesmaids, and Blockbusters

Today was strange.  Long.  Slow.  But good.  Relatively successful.

I took my anatomy lab final.  I have no idea how I did but I am incredibly grateful that it is over.  Most of my classes were cancelled or cut short today so I had a lot of down time on campus.  I did get my physics paper written, my physics pre-lab done, my medical issues paper written, and watched last weeks episode of "Parenthood" on NBC's website (check it out- it's an awesome show).  I also successfully evaluated a strained spring ligament for one of my hurdlers at UVU.  That was sweet :)  Now to explain my title:

Burgers: For one reason or another, my roommates and I planned a late afternoon trip to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.  It was yummy.  And quite fun :)

Bridesmaids: This is definately on my mind.  My bridesmaids are my little sister Hannah, Jason's sister Sarah, and my cousin Julia.  We are making them some super cute dresses :).  I also have some close friends I'd like to include so I am stealing Danae's idea and having separate Friend Bridesmaids- a little less elaborate, but still a way to be part of the wedding party.  Me and Lindsey took a trip to Old Navy in search of matching yellow shirts for the bridesmaids to wear with a black or white skirt.  Incorporate all three colors, right?  I think we were successful.

Blockbusters: Well, maybe.  Maren was bothered by the fact that my original title of tonight's post was "Burgers, Bridesmaids, and Movies" so she requested I change it.  We are watching "He's just not that in to you." For some reason we love this movie.  Maybe it's the super cute-Jennifer Anniston-featured ending?  Or the awkward stories of love and loss?  For whatever reason we watch this movie a lot so I asked for it for Easter... and got it :).

Life is good.  Push forward.  Five more class days.  One zillion more finals.  My brain may explode- but such is life.


Val said...

I like burgers. I like block busters. I like alliterations. I like your posse of friends. I like you. And I think you are a cute little bride-to-be. Might be up North after all the eighth of May. I'll let you know. Thank you for lifting my day with your cute blog.

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