Reason 40: Effective Reading Days

Whoever came up with the idea of Reading Days is BRILLIANT.  And the good soul who petitioned the University to give us TWO mid-week reading days?  May you be eternally blessed.  Today, me and two of my roommates had an extremely effective reading day.

It started out with enjoying the sunshine.  We drove up Provo Canyon to this awesome park, spread out two blankets, and they fell asleep.

Here we have some photographic evidence and a model on how to study effectively- or how to effectively work on your tan.  
It was fabulous. We are all a little burned tonight but such is life.  Here is my awesome self portrait...
Look- I'm SQUINTING!  The SUN is out!  Hooray life

After we decided we were getting overheated, we headed to the mall.  I was in search of a new outfit- hopefully something to wear for engagement pictures (which are next Thursday in Las Vegas).  SUCCESS!  EPIC SUCCESS!  $20 Jeans (my favorite brand, actually) plus a shirt, short sleeve cardigan, necklace, and headbands.  Thanks to Jocelyn and Hanna for their enthusiasm and their help in assembling this glorious ensemble (okay, okay so we cheated off a mannequin-  so what?)
Floral Open Cardigan - maurices.comCasual Colorful Long Necklace - maurices.comRib Side Panel Henley with Pocket - maurices.com
Cute necklace.  And SUPER cute sweater.  We were kind of freaking out in the store.  And the shirt to go underneath it.  Tee hee :) So excited.  

So today was an extremely productive reading day.  Thanks to BYU for the break and I am officially ready to kick physics butt tomorrow.



Photo Crazy! said...

Is this what you had on at the shower? Super cute on you! You will make such a BEAUTIFUL bride! Can't wait to see you!

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