Reason 36: The calm before the storm

Today was possibly the last day of calm before a nine day storm.  This storm has a name.  It is called (cue scary music)--- finals week.  I will probably take tomorrow off too- but we are thinking about the best possible scenario here. That should include endless studying and focus.

I cannot believe they are already here.  Do you want to know what happened to me the last day of classes of Fall semester?  I found out Jason might be coming home.  First day of finals?  It was solidified.  Second day of finals?  His flight was booked and I had 48 hours to finish all my tests and get home if I wanted to meet him.  THAT was a crazy finals week.  This time?  Not so much.  Three tests down, five more to go.  Maybe I shouldn't count it like that.  I feel less in control when I see those numbers!

Anyways- the calm before the storm day was beautiful.  And now- at 10 pm on a Saturday night- I think I will go to bed.  Oh the life of a long distance engagement :)


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