Reason 42: Because it is.

Reason number 42 why life is good?  
Because it just is. 
I got to hang out with Andrew at State Drama

He got STRAIGHT SUPERIORS for his dramatic monologue!
He did a monologue from the play
"The Boys Next Door" by Tom Griffin.
He did a very moving, incredible part as the character Lucien P. Smith.
I watched it three times and was more blown away with each performance.
Thanks bro.  You made my day.  Your talent amazes me.

Finals End: 39 Hours
On the road to St. Geezy: 42 Hours
Engagement Pictures: 5 Days
Bridal Shower #1: 7 Days
Move into the Married Apartment: 10 Days
Bridal Shower #2: 21 Days
Jason Moves To Provo: 28 Days
Bridal Pictures: 42 Days
Endowment: 55 Days
Sealed to Jake Forever: 62 Days 

Life is good because it is.  


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