Reason 38: Fulfilling Days

Monday was a fantastic day.  This will require a list to adequately describe what occurred to make this day so good.

1- Jason was here.  Win.
2- I got my take home final essays done for Upper Extremities.
3- The discussion in rehab about facets of the lumbar spine being stuck open or stuck closed was really great.
4- We finished our wedding registry at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond!
5- We finally found a set of dishes that we are in love with at Target.  They are blue and the plates are school.  Can I just tell you how excited I am?  Weird reason, I know.  Such is life.
6- We also found silverware that we love, love, love at BB&B.  And believe me, we thoroughly tested the silverware.
7- We also found a bedding set at BB&B!  It is chocolate brown and B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!
8- We split a Cafe Rio burrito for lunch. YUM.
9- I had the best day at UVU.  Seriously.  It was doc day so my ACI was busy with the doctors and sick/recently injured athletes.  The other athletic trainer was at the baseball stadium.  The other students were gone.  So basically-  I was in charge of the training room.  And even better?  I was confident and got a lot done.  And gave about a million treatments.
10- I got my back worked on.  And it felt so good.
11- We had a yummy dinner.
12- I took my Athletic Training Clinical Education practical final.  It went really well.
13- We made poppyseed cake and experimented with frostings.
14- I thoroughly studied for my Upper Extremities test and I think it was successful.

Monday was a good day.


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